These songs were written, performed and recorded by Stefan Golaszewski,
in his bedroom, 2005-2010.

Stefan Golaszewski
Let's Snog Mr Wallis, Please Crap At The Environment Adam Likes You Why Aren't I Kissing Beyonce Knowles? Get Me An Alka Seltzer I Can't Believe I'm Not Butter He Looks Nothing Like Me Staying In On A Friday Night Is Very Different To Staying In On A Thursday Night A Bank Holiday For You You're With Stupid Dontcha Wish Your Boyfriend Was More Like Me? Immigrant Girls Too Drunk To Walk Everyone Knows How To Dance To Hip Hop (Except Me) Divboy Footlocker Leave Her To Me, Chris Instrumental Let's Call Our First Born Rocky Out On The Lash With John Again Iffy Sex To All The Pretty Girls On Saturday Night The Pretty Girls Come Out Calligraphy It Looked Like You Were My Girlfriend Is That A Wig On Your Head? You're Far Too Busy I've Got Songs Coming Out Of My Ears My Perfect Christmas Spend The Summer In Bed A Song To Play When We're Driving To A Wedding The Best Fucking Weekend That Anyone Has Ever Had Feel Free To Phone Me When You're Drunk Is It True You're Going Out With A Builder? The Girls Of Walthamstow Give Me Your WifeAcne I'm Scared Of Dogs (But You've Got A Dachshund) The Girl Enters In A Dress We Can't Dance All Your Friends Are Idiots One Day You And Me Will Count Our Grandchildren Nobody In The Film Was As Pretty As Your Face I Can't Wait To See You What I Said About Britney I Know Your Pin 73 Camilla Me & The Flower Arrangers I Nearly Asked If I Could Marry You Sometimes I Walk Away From A Situation And Wish I'd Been Wittier In That Situation Does That Count As Flirting? I Went To A Shit Club You Don't Hold My Hand Anymore The 'I Asked You Out But You Said No' Shuffle